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Acura Car Comparisons

At Montgomeryville Acura, we are confident in the products that we're offering our customers throughout Philadelphia, Lansdale and Doylestown. We want to make sure you're getting a vehicle that you can count on to get you safely from one place to the next, and we're confident in the Acura vehicles that we offer.

We also understand that purchasing a vehicle is a difficult decision, so we carry the biggest selection of new, used and certified pre-owned Acura vehicles in the area so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Browse our inventory to find a car that you love; we know that the right one for you is in there.

Acura’s current vehicle lineup includes five models that offer the same level of high-quality luxury features. Between their powerful engines, high-tech safety features and great infotainment features, you can’t go wrong with an Acura.


Acura ILX Comparisons

Acura ILX vs Acura TLX

Acura ILX vs Audi A3

Acura ILX vs Honda Accord

Acura ILX vs Lexus IS 250

Acura ILX vs Honda Civic

Acura ILX vs BMW 3 Series

Acura ILX Car Comparisons



Acura TLX Comparisons

Acura TLX vs Lexus IS 250

Acura TLX vs Nissan Maxima


Acura TLX vs Cadillac CTS

Acura TLX vs Lexus ES 350

Acura TLX vs Audi A4




Acura MDX Comparisons

Acura MDX vs Acura RDX

Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 350

Acura MDX vs Honda Pilot

Acura MDX vs Audi Q5

Acura MDX vs Buick Enclave


Acura MDX vs BMW X5

Acura MDX vs Audi Q7

Acura MDX Car Comparisons



Acura RDX Comparisons

Acura RDX vs Lexus NX

Acura RDX vs Mercedes Benz GLS

Acura RDX vs Honda CR-V

Acura RDX vs Audi Q5

Acura RDX vs BMW X3

Acura RDX vs Volvo XC60

Acura RDX vs Lexus RX 350

Acura RDX vs. Audi Q3


Acura RLX Comparisons

Acura RLX vs Lexus GS 350

Acura RLX vs Audi A6

Acura RLX vs BMW 5 Series

Acura RLX vs Mercedes e350



Acura vs the Competition

Acura vehicles stand up to the competition, but we don't want you to just take our word for it. That's why we've compiled a collection of comparison guides, so you can see the proof of an Acura compared to the competition. We've conducted a fair amount of research, from vehicle performance to body style, exterior and interior, to technology features that the vehicle houses, and to the safety features that it has to keep you and your family safe.

You won't have to spend any more time looking up statistics yourself. Simply browse through our list of vehicle comparisons and find the two vehicles that you'd like to see side by side. You'll see these statistics neatly bundled into an easy-to-read and digestible package that will help you make the most informed decision possible.


Schedule a Test Drive

Each Acura vehicle offers an extensive list of features, from safety and entertainment to power and comfort—but which Acura vehicle you choose depends on what features most intrigue you. When comparing two vehicles, be sure to take the time to get the full experience of each vehicle by taking them for a test drive. You’ll want to get a true feeling for the vehicles in order to make your final decision.

When you’re ready to test drive any of these wonderful options, stop by Montgomeryville Acura to take them for a spin. At Montgomeryville Acura, we know you have plenty of choices when it’s time to buy your next vehicle, but choose us and we’ll give you a great experience every time. Give us a call at 888-287-6788 to set up an appointment or stop in for a test drive today.

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