Acura Dashboard Light Guides

The Acura vehicles you can find at your local PA Acura dealer are advanced in many ways. The technology in these vehicles is designed to keep you and your passengers safe, entertained, and comfortable. But there are several technology features designed specifically for your safety that work to ensure the fundamental systems in your vehicle, such as the brakes, battery, and transmission, are all working well. These systems also let you know if there’s a problem so you can get it fixed right away.

Acura MDX Dashboard Light Guide

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Acura RLX Dashboard Light Guide

How to reset the Maintenance Lights on your Acura

Why is the Indicator Light on in my Acura?

Acura Dashboard Light guideYour dashboard lights are warning signs that something is wrong with your vehicle and you should get it checked by a qualified professional at one of your local Acura dealerships. You can find the qualified professionals you’re looking for at Montgomeryville Acura, but what kind of lights are we talking about?

There are three kinds of lights in your Acura vehicle:

• Malfunction indicators: These lights illuminate to let you know that something isn’t right with one of your vehicle’s major systems. The repair for the problems associated with these lights can be as simple as adjusting the gas cap or as serious as needing a brake fluid flush.

Unless you’re a highly trained professional, you should bring your vehicle to the service department at Montgomeryville Acura when one of these lights is on so you can have it checked immediately.

• Condition indicators: These lights let you know that you need to pay attention to particular condition. These lights include the parking brake indicator, low fuel light, seatbelt reminder, low tire pressure notification, and immobilizer system activation.

You can address the situation when one of these lights is illuminated. But if one of these lights won’t go off or begins flashing, it’s time to get it checked out at the service department at Montgomeryville Acura.

• On/off indicators: These lights let you know that whether a particular system is turned on or off, such as cruise control, automatic cruise control, Lane Keeping Assist System, turn signals, high beams, and fog lights.

If you have a problem with a dashboard light that’s consistently illuminated, bring your vehicle to the professionals at the Acura automotive service department at Montgomeryville Acura. Our technicians are skilled to take care of all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, from low engine oil pressure to electronic systems malfunctions.

The service department at Montgomeryville Acura is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am until 7:00 pm, Friday from 7:30 am until 5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am until 4 pm. Give us a call at 866-338-1084 to set up an appointment or go online to schedule a service appointment now with one of our highly trained service technicians. We look forward to servicing you!