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From the moment you came home with your new car to the day you started looking at new models for an upgrade, we’d like to assume you’ve taken the time to get your vehicle’s oil changed every few thousand miles. However, our assumptions aren’t always correct.

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Every day, drivers from Lansdale to Doylestown to Philadelphia are skipping out on thOil Change eir oil change services without realizing that their vehicle is suffering because of it. Motor oil plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s performance, and we here at understand that. So we’ve compiled a list of the most common signs that indicate that you’re in dire need of an oil change.

Your oil appears dark or black.

Clean motor oil should be a golden or yellow color, so if your oil appears dark or black, you need an oil change immediately to avoid any significant problems from occurring with your vehicle. Black or dark oil means your oil has been sitting in your car for too long and has accumulated dirt and particles that could potentially harm the engine.

You hear unusual engine sounds.

Any weird sound that come from your car can point to a problem, including ones with the oil. The oil helps to lubricate multiple parts in the engine. Without it, the parts lose cushion that keeps all of them from rubbing together and producing a grinding sound.

Your engine is climbing to high temperatures.

Your engine’s temperature can make or break your vehicle, as you never want your engine to overheat. And the oil in your vehicle helps to keep this from happening. Working along with the coolant, the motor oil keeps the engine cool by providing a barrier between the moving parts. Without this, you’ll not only head harsh grinding sounds, but you could also notice parts welding together due to the high heat levels that result from running your vehicle, causing extreme damage to your vehicle’s most important system.

You see a warning light on your dashboard.

The most common, and unfortunately most overlooked, indicator that you need an oil change is an illuminated warning light on your dashboard. Once you see this, it’s imperative that you head to Montgomeryville Acura’s service center for an oil change. Putting off an appointment will just lead you down a road of damage to your engine and main vehicle systems. In the end, you could be left with a nonfunctioning vehicle.

You can avoid having to deal with any of the warning signs listed above by regularly getting the oil changed in your vehicle. Oil is the bloodline for your engine, as it lubricates the moving partCar Service at Montgomeryville Acuras and helps to prevent overheating. Without regular oil changes and the proper care and maintenance, it’s certain that your car will suffer from potentially irreparable damage.

For the residents living in Doylestown, Lansdale, and Philadelphia, make sure your vehicle stays healthy and keeps working for you by scheduling an oil change service at Montgomeryville Acura’s service center today.