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Simply put, your tires are one of the most important components on your vehicle, especially since it’s the only part that actually touches the ground. So without the right tire maintenance, it’s certain you’ll end up experiencing problems or, even worse, an accident on the streets of Philadelphia, Doylestown, or Lansdale. Fortunately, Montgomeryville Acura can help ensure your tires stay in good shape.

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Here’s a short list of warning signs to look for that indicate you may need tire service in our service department.

Your vehicle pull to the side.

If your car pulls to either side while you’re driving, it may be a good idea to give Montgomeryville Acura’s service center a call. The reason for the pulling is that your tires aren’t properly balanced or haven’t been rotated. Until you get a tire alignment or rotation, your tires may experience uneven wear, which means they’ll need to be replaced sooner.

You’re experiencing reduced traction.

When you’re driving down the icy roads of Center City and notice that your car slips more than usual, this means your tire treads are worn out, causing your vehicle to lose its grip with the road in slippery and icy conditions. A great way to determine whether your treads are too low is to sTire Service Montgomeryvilletick a quarter head first into the tread. If you can see anything above George Washington’s head, the tread is too low and you’re putting yourself at risk for an accident. If you’ve noticed this with your tires, it may be time to stop by Montgomeryville Acura’s service department and talk to a technician about new tires.

You’re experiencing rough handling.

Your tires may be overinflated if you notice you’re having trouble handling your vehicle when you drive. Additionally, overinflation will cause your tires to wear out more quickly in the center. To correct this, you should check your owner’s manual or talk to a technician at Montgomeryville Acura to determine the proper pressure for your tires and adjust them accordingly.

You’re experiencing reduced fuel economy.

If you’re not getting good gas mileage, your tires may be part of the problem. Driving on underinflated tires not only means you’ll need to fill up your gas tank more often, but your tires’ edges will wear out faster and possible even overheat when you’re driving on highway speeds. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, underinflated tires cause over 33,000 automotive injuries and over 600 deaths each year. To avoid this, as with overinflation, check your owner’s manual or speak with a technician at Montgomeryville Acura to determine the proper pressure for your tires.

Tire Service MontgomeryvilleTire Service Montgomeryville

Since your tires are such an important part of your vehicle, it’s always best to give them the care and attention they need so they last longer. Taking heed of warning signs and addressing them early can keep you from experiencing an accident in Philadelphia, Doylestown, or Lansdale.

If you’ve noticed some of the warning signs listed above happening when you drive, don’t wait until it’s too late! Stop by Montgomeryville Acura to schedule an appointment at our service center today.

Service your tires by scheduling a service appointment at Montgomeryville Acura’s service department today! Read more about the tire service we offer.