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Whether your vehicle is brand new or has a few thousand miles under its belt, it’s important to schedule routine service appointments to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.

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As one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as it enables you to shift gears, 600a8aedd28b191e729806c45c7a3438xyour transmission should get the best care possible. At Montgomeryville Acura, we’re helping everyone from Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Lansdale to make sure the transmission in their vehicles is always running smoothly. However, there are simple maintenance-related tasks you can do when you don’t have the time to head to a service center.

Check Your Transmission Fluids.

Transmission fluid allows your transmission to smoothly shift gears without damaging the system. It’s important to have this fluid regularly changed because serious damage can occur without clean fluid. Clean transmission fluid keeps the system cool and properly lubricates the parts inside the system. However, with time, the additives and other substances in the fluid wear out and lose their ability to function properly. After that, debris and particles can end up in the fluid, causing serious damage to your transmission.

In addition to checking how dirty your transmission fluid is, you should also check how much of it is actually in the vehicle. The transmission fluid level should never be low, so if you do notoilchangepourice that there isn’t enough in the system or there’s spots of reddish fluid underneath your vehicle, you likely have a transmission leak. Checking and regularly scheduling transmission fluid exchanges at Montgomeryville Acura can help prevent all of this trouble.

Know the signs of a transmission problem.

It’s always in your best interest to know and listen for the common sounds and warning signs that could indicate a problem with your transmission, including difficulty when shifting and gear noises. If you notice these concerns when you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle, you should schedule a service appointment with Montgomeryville Acura today so a trained technician can check out your transmission. Taking care of these warning signs of transmission failure can prevent any damage from worsening.

Schedule regular maintenance.

To provide the best maintenance for your vehicle, you should regularly schedule services at Montgomeryville Acura’s service department. It’s common for people to perform simple vehicle maintenances at home, but if you’re not familiar with what’s under the hood, more than likely you’ll miss any little problems that could lead to bigger problems. Technicians, such as the ones at Montgomeryville Acura, are trained to find and fix the little problems that can lead to disastrous ones. Best of all, our service department has advanced tools and technology that guarantee a great repair every time.checkingcarbattery-compressor

A poorly maintained transmission can spell death for your vehicle, so do what needs to be done to ensure this essential system runs smoothly. Just take note of the tips above, and we’re sure everyone, whether you’re from Philadelphia or Doylestown or Lansdale, will have a perfectly running transmission and a longer-lasting car.

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If you’ve noticed a difference in driving or think there is something wrong with your transmission, don’t hesitate to stop by Montgomeryville Acura’s service center today to schedule your appointment.